Vintage Lisbon

If you want to get away from cloned high streets

Master use DSCF0686

The facades of Lisbon’s shops are quaint and old-world

Especially the haberdasheries on Rua da Conceição

Tour Tram
Tram on Calçada São Francisco

There are genteel shops dedicated to hats, umbrellas and gloves

Breathe in

The no.28 tram is an icon of the city

Ginjinha, the local cherry liqueur

Is excellent in cold weather

Alfama Quarter, Lisbon
Thieves’ Market – Feira da Ladra

It rained and there were storms

The Elevador da Bica

But it was good weather for eating pastéis de nata


And drinking port

View from Largo das Portas do Sol

Just hold your stomach in if the tram comes

BREATHE IN – The No.28, old Lisbon


Master 4 DSCF0604_edited-2
Alfama Quarter

©2017 Travel Pictorium

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